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Getting a good used clothes supplier is very stressful. A good supplier than can supply you constantly with used clothes. Most clothing companies have shifted their production to countries like China and the Far East countries. This is because production is much cheaper there. The cost of labor, space and equipment is almost below half. 


These aspects have made it really difficult for second-hand suppliers to manage their business. They have to contact the companies and figure out how the rejected clothes are going to get here. Dealing with the customs and paying the duties has taken a ton on second-hand suppliers. Therefore, forcing them to increase the prices of their commodities to handle the duties.


However, another challenge is getting the right mode of shipment. As much as these clothes are second hand, they still need to arrive undamaged. Therefore, it is important for the shipment to be handled with care. It is such a loss incurring the all those costs of buying, paying for duties and paying for shipment only for your clothes to arrive damaged. Choosing a right mode of shipment will ensure your Global Clothing Industries shipment arrives safely and in good condition.


Another factor to consider is the shipment company. Currently, there are many shipment companies. Most of these companies offer a diverse mode of shipment and cost. However, it is important to deal with a company that has been in the business for long. The reason is that you can rely on the timeline they give you. These companies will give you a realistic timeline. The companies will not lie to you so that they get your business. However, rather they have many dealings that lying to you is not a necessity. 


Most stores and boutiques are disposing their clothes at a relatively high rate. The owners have realized that second-hand suppliers are making much money in the industry. Therefore, this has probed them to increase their prices. This is not fair. However, it is the cost of doing business.

The GCI second-hand business is being faced with many challenges. These challenges are mainly attributed to shoddy second-hand suppliers. They are giving a really bad name to the industry. 


Promising quality products to their clients and then delivering substandard products. The shoddy suppliers have made clients lose their faith in the industry and even withdrawing from buying second-hand clothes entirely. This has affected the suppliers with the number of customers decreasing.


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